Benefits of Giving Donations to Non-Profit Organizations

You worked hard for it, you should enjoy all the fruits of your labor, right?

Giving to charities or non-profit organizations can often appear like something only the very wealthy do. However, much of the time its the smaller donations that are the bread and butter of these non-profits. But why should you do it?

First of all, get rid of the should idea. I know for me, the minute I know I “should” do something I don’t. So really, its a free choice. To give or not to give, that’s the question for you. No one’s going to reach in your billfold and pull out your cash.

Second, let me explain the reason many (hopefully most) people donate. They believe they are making a difference in the world. Whether its helping to plant a tree, feed children in Sudan, assist earthquake victims in China, or finding homeless pets a good place to live, charities and non-profit organizations are such for a reason. They are more intersted in their cause than their cash. Their cause, however, can’t be furthered without the funding. So by your donation, however small, you’re helping make the world a better place.

Third, you just might feel good yourself. Ever heard a saying that goes something like, “If you want love, give it away?” Its similar with donating to charities. By knowing your contribution is making a difference, you can hold you head a little higher knowing that today, you helped make your global community a bit more friendly. Maybe you sponsored a child to go to school in Southeast Asia, or bought a present for a child who’s parent is in jail, or helped fund research for a life threatening disease. You, my friend, are part of the solution.

Fourth…well let’s be honest. Its usually tax deductible. Need I say more?

Giving More (or less) Than Your Money

You don’t have to be confined to monetary donations, either. Donations of your time and energy are much needed in many non-profits as well. Join in for a trail clean up day, knit a chemo cap for kids who get cold because they’ve lose their hair, or have a nice chat with an older gentleman who’s been waiting for someone to hear his old stories.

Never underestimate, however, what your $1 or $2 donations can add up to. In 1991 a four-year-old named Nora Gross wanted to help feed a homeless man, and asked her father how she could help. That led to the non-profit organization called Common Cents and its program the Penny Harvest. Through this, children have collected pennies and helped fund grants for community organizations. In the 2005/1006 school year alone, nearly half a million children from 770 schools in New York City took part in the Penny Harvest and collected nearly 185 tons of pennies equalling $655,508.54. That’s over half a milion dollars! From kids’ pennies!

So think about what you might care about. Whether its the environment, animals, a specific cause like hunger or literacy, or maybe a disease that’s affected you or a loved one. And think about what a donation of your time, energy, and maybe your money could help do.

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