Setting the stage for The Who’s Tommy


Our 2014/2015 season has just recently come to a close and we are already moving full speed ahead for our 2015/16 season! Coming up July 9th is The Who’s Tommy! The cast has already been chosen and rehearsals have begun. Now we need to create the amazing multi-sensory stage set for the show. As a nonprofit theatre we rely heavily on volunteers and donations to put on our shows since rentals and prop purchases can get expensive. For Tommy we have grand ideas involving a real, preferably working, pinball machine and multiple computer monitors on the stage.

If you have either of the two that you’d like to donate or let us borrow for the run of the show (July 9-26), Please let us know. We’d REALLY appreciate it!


We want to start the new season off right with an amazing show for all of you, our patrons.

Please email of call Jodie if you can help us out in any way. Thanks for your help!  or 561-586-6169 ext 204.


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