Audition Notice:
The Playhouse Black Box Series will hold auditions for its entire 2015-16 Black Box Season on August 10th and 11th from 7-10pm in the Stonzek Studio Theatre at the Lake Worth Playhouse.

Anyone auditioning should prepare a one-minute monologue from a contemporary play. All roles are non-paid.
Circle Mirror Transformation by Annie Baker
Oct 22nd – Nov 1st

Director Daniel Eilola will be looking to cast the following roles:

Marty (50-55) – Free spirited and supportive, she is the head of the Shirley Community Center and is the teacher of the adult Creative Drama Class. She is married to James, who is also participating in the class.

James (55-60) – Quiet and genial, he is married to Marty. He has a daughter from a previous marriage who is closer to Marty and this upsets him.

Schultz (40-45) – A recently divorced and vulnerable man who is attracted to Theresa. He is a carpenter who seems to exude loneliness.

Theresa (30-35) – An earnest and vibrant former actress. She recently went through a bad break up with her boyfriend, and moved to Vermont from New York receive a certificate in acupressure. She seems to exude confidence.

Lauren (16) – A high school student who is thinking of studying acting in college and pursuing it as a career. She is the most self-conscious of the group.
Reckless by Craig Lucas
Jan 21st – Jan 31st

Director Richard Iverson will be looking to cast the following roles

Rachel – (30-40) Optimistic and adventurous, makes due with any situation.

Tom – (30-40) Rachel’s Husband, emotional and untrustworthy, an opportunist

Lloyd – (35-45) caring but dense, oddly mysterious.

Pooty – (40 – 70) the apple of Lloyds eye. Pooty has a secret.

Need 3-4 other versatile actors, male and female in a similar age range playing various roles: Doctors, Game Show Host, Talk Show host, Announcers, Office workers, Derelicts, and more.
A Kid Like Jake by Daniel Pearle
Apr 21st – May 1st

Director Trish-Weaver Rhodes will be looking to cast the following roles:

Alex: (35-40) a former lawyer, now a full-time mother, smart, passionate, funny, volatile at times, loving, insecure, cares deeply about her husband and her son.

Greg: (35-40) therapist, introspective, intelligent, rational, loving, never played sports growing up.

Judy: (40-60) director of a progressive nursery school in Manhattan, extroverted, smart, funny, fast-talking, enjoys being the expert in her field and the center of attention, compassionate and well-intentioned, but with limited capacity for introspection.

Nurse: (25-30) intuitive, sensitive, mysterious, unafraid of silence, slightly other-worldly, the kind of stranger who shows up in your dreams.

For more information contact Daniel Eilola:


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