Upcoming Auditions – Reasons to be Pretty


Audition Notice:

Playhouse Black Box Series Production


Directed by Daniel Eilola

When: August 15th and 16th at 7pm

Callbacks: August 17th at 7pm

Where: Stonzek Studio Theater at The Lake Worth Playhouse

Production Dates: October 20th – 30th, 2016 (Rehearsals begin in early September)

What to prepare: One minute contemporary monologue

REASONS TO BE PRETTY centers on four young working class friends and lovers who become increasingly dissatisfied with their dead-end lives and each other. A love story about the impossibility of love, REASONS TO BE PRETTY focuses on the modern-day obsession with physical appearance and with the pressures of what it means to be ‘pretty’, and observes how these four friends manage the infidelity, betrayal and deceit that creeps into their lives.


Greg (25 – 35):  A nice guy with a tendency to say the wrong thing without being aware of it. He is well read (enjoys classic American literature in an effort to better himself) but remains in his dead end job. Does his best to avoid conflict whenever possible. Works in a warehouse with Kent and Carly.


Steph (25 – 35) : Greg’s girlfriend. Open and vunerable Steph has a hair-trigger temper and is at times argumentative, particularly when she feels emotionally wounded. One of Greg’s unsuspecting remarks causes her to end their relationship. She is close friends with Carly, but doesn’t care for Kent.


Kent (25 – 35): A quintessential jerk. Stereotypical chauvinistic jock who values women only by their appearance. Winning in sports and with beautiful women are his sole focus in life. Loves having the ‘trophy wife’ but is not faithful and always on the prowl to prove his manhood. Married to Carly.


Carly (25- 35 ): She knows she’s attractive and not above using it to her advantage; however, also recognizes the burden of being ‘pretty.’ Vulnerable, but can be manipulative if necessary. Only has her job because of how she looks. Works at the same warehouse as Kent and Greg.


 *Performers of all ethnic and racial backgrounds are encouraged to attend.


If you have questions please contact Director Daniel Eilola at daniel@lakeworthplayhouse.org


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