Call For Entries: 7th Annual L-Dub Film Festival

The seventh-annual L-DUB Film Festival is now accepting submissions. Deadline is September 11, 2017.
L-DUB Film Festival is looking for an innovative selection across a variety of genres from music videos, shorts and documentaries to full length features.
Our mission is to celebrate the art of filmmaking, provide industry collaboration opportunities and outlets for filmmakers to present their work and gain recognition from their peers, the public and industry professionals.
OUR FESTIVAL DIRECTOR: Charlie Birnbaum is also the Film Program Director at the Lake Worth Playhouse and manager of the Stonzek Theatre. Charlie began as a movie impresario in college and founded Barnard Zooprax, a group that screened new foreign films and American classics twice a week.for 30 years. He also produced and directed 2 16mm short films thankfully lost to posterity. He currently ensures that the residents fo Palm Beach countny have access to the best of indie films and sells popcorn.
Dates: September 22-24, 2014
Location: Lake Worth Playhouse Stonzek Theatre
713 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460
Entries must be received no later than September 11, 2017.
Proposed  2017 LINE UP:
Reception will be held in the rehearsal facility next to the Stonzek Theatre on Friday, September 22, 2017 at 7pm. Appetizers and refreshments will be provided.  This space will provide the filmmakers with a meeting workshop space throughout the festival. We want to provide a unique opportunity for young and seasoned artists to socialize, network and interact with other local filmmakers in a relaxed environment that caters to fostering new relationships, establishing business connections, deal making, engaging in creative discussions and learning from other professionals in the industry.
THE AWARDS CEREMONY/WRAP PARTY will be held Sunday, September 24th.  Jury awards will be given for Best Feature, Best Documentary, Best Short, Best Music Video, Best Student Film and others.
As in our previous years we have offered free workshops to filmmakers and participants throughout the festival run to provide insights into the craft and business of filmmaking. Proposed workshops include the following:

1.  Actors Workshop

2.  RED 1 Camera Workshop
3.  “How to get THE PART” – Auditioning 101 Workshop
4.  Self-Marketing & Distribution Workshop
5.  Quad copter photography
  • Best Foreign Film (English Subtitles are required when applicable)
  • Best Feature
  • Best Documentary
  • Best Short
  • Best Music Video
  • Best Student Film
Dates: September 22- 24 2017
Location: Lake Worth Playhouse Stonzek Theatre
713 Lake Ave, Lake Worth, FL 33460
L-DUB Film Festival Director
Charlie Birnbaum
Lake Worth Playhouse
713 Lake Ave
Lake Worth, FL 33460
Submissions are made through:
Entry Fees: All films 30 minutes or less TRT require a $20 entry fee.  All films longer than 30 minutes       TRT require a $30 entry fee.  Payments may be made by check or money order and MUST be made payable to: Lake Worth Playhouse.
Entry fees are non-refundable.
Any submission including foreign languages spoken must be sub-titled in English.
Exhibition copies of your film on DVD or BluRay. Or other digital Media will not be returned at the end of the festival. However, if you are attending your screening, you may sign for and take your film with you at the conclusion of your showcase.
NOTE: No trailers or FBI warnings on exhibition copies.
Trailers submitted on separate discs are encouraged but are not required.
The Lake Worth Playhouse is home to Palm Beach County’s premiere venue for independent films. The Stonzek Studio Theatre is an intimate, black-box style theatre equipped with an extra-large viewing screen and high-definition projection. Showing indie and foreign films daily, year-round, The Stonzek Studio Theatre is located in downtown Lake Worth, on the south side of Lake Avenue, two blocks east of Dixie Highway. Free, well-lit parking on Lake Avenue and surrounding side streets, and free parking is also available in public lots located behind the Playhouse.

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