Director: Daniel Eilola
Music Director: Roger Blankenship
Choreographer: Katie Petronio

In California in May 1853, Ben Rumson strikes gold and establishes a community in his own name. The show follows the progress of the town as hundreds of men come to dig for gold. But there’s a problem, the town has no women! That is soon remedied and the town competes for the affections of too few women. Filled with gorgeous standards such as “They Call the Wind Maria,” “I Talk to the Trees,” and “Wand’rin’ Star,” Paint Your Wagon is Alan Jay Lerner and Frederick Loewe’s sweepingly ambitious and surprisingly realistic take on freedom and family, in the Gold Rush-happy America of 1853.

Audition Dates:
November 6th & 7th, 7pm at the Lake Worth Playhouse

Possible callbacks on November 8th. No appointment necessary
Please prepare 16 bars of a song in the style of the show. Bring sheet music in your key; an accompanist will be provided. A CD with an accompaniment-only track is also acceptable, provided it is edited and cued correctly. No acappella auditions. Please also wear or bring comfortable attire, as all auditioners will be required to move.

Performance Dates:
January 18th – February 4th, 2018 on the main stage

Roles available:

Ben Rumson (Baritone) An affable, middle aged man, he is Mayor of Rumson Town, Judge, Land Commissioner, and County Clerk of Rumson Town. A Gold miner of long experience, also the father of Jennifer.

Jennifer Rumson (Alto, 18 – 25) The young daughter of Ben. Quite a tomboy at first, she develops into a sophisticated young woman. She is in love with Julio.

Julio Valveras (Tenor, mid-twenties) an ambitious miner of Mexican heritage. He is a kind and sensitive  dreamer who is in love with Jennifer.

Steve Bullnack (Baritone) Rough and rugged gold miner.

Jake Whippany (Baritone) A miner, about 30 with a touch of boyishness about him. He plays the banjo. Jake becomes the proprietor of “Jakes Palace”, a gaudy music hall.

Elizabeth Woodling (Mezzo-Soprano) A wife of Jacob, about 30. She’s not very bright.

Sarah Woodling (Mezzo-Soprano) Another wife of Jacob, about 30. Smug and patronizing.

Jacob Woodling (Baritone) A large monotonous fellow in his mid-30’s.

Sandy Twist (Baritone) A miner in his early 40’s, he appears pinched and bespectacled.

Edgar Crocker  (Baritone) A miner, a Cockney in his late 30’s. A “dandy” who makes an effort to appear a fastidious gent.

Reuben Sloan – A miner, shaggy and grimy. He is the town crook.

Samuel Trumbull – A miner, he becomes the owner/operator of the Rumson Town General Store.

Cherry Jourdel – French organizer of the Fandango Girls. She is Jake’s friend.

Mike Mooney – A miner, he is a young Irishman with a very thick Brogue.

Ensemble members – 6 females, eight males to play town inhabitants, miners and Fandango girls

Please contact Interim Artistic Director Daniel Eilola if additional info is needed at

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